GULP - Advanced documents management system

GULP is a “document management” system that is able to directly manage graphic documents (designed by professional graphics) ready for hi-quality printing, adapting to each kind of layout. GULP make, manage and translates in every language thousands of documents in a few time, making localization easy, shared and operative.

Our experience has allowed us to project and realize an online service to manage technical and advertising documentation in multilanguage, then offering rapid and easy to use tool for multinational companies that work with any language .

gulp home 2019


  • Time saving
  • Real-time updates
  • Data security
  • Direct check of data accuracy
  • Instant generation of PDF, E-BOOKS, HTML, EXCEL
  • APPs (IOS e Android) managing
  • Use of pre-existents graphic files or layouts: the system adapt himself to your needs

There are also available some applications:

GULP Spare Parts
Multilanguage manage of spare parts catalogues, with updates and online modify of codes tables

GULP Price List
Create pricelists with real-time updates of the customer data by simple user interface on the web or by uploading excel files.

GULP Leflet
On-line leaflet creationg with localized language also based on templates, while inserting images and texts.

GULP Excel tables
Tables managing online with data updates, table connection to documents already present in Gulp and download excel e pdf

Gulp dictionary
Words managing and custom search in multilanguage

Gulp images and icons library
Possibility of changes each image in each document in Gulp by connecting to an images library with custom filters and search


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